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an advanced web native engine for dynamic operational management and data integrity, governance and security

An operations and intelligence centre

Dynamic real time capture of data, enabling critical management of complex sites and missions

CuMesh delivers a common data environment for dynamic management of infrastructure, assets, IoT applications establishing the data framework for compliance and reporting requirements and enabling dynamic real-time management of complex site and mission operations and information

  • Asset management and governance. CuMesh is an operations centre for collecting, storing, locating, identifying and tracing digital assets
  • Dynamic management of construction and mining sites and defence missions
  • Traceability – proving provenance, biosecurity and decarbonisation. CuMesh is a data integrity and governance operations intelligence centre, providing traceability with user friendly digitised menus for compliance and reporting standards accessible on and offline
    • Livestock
    • Food value chain
  • Secure digital communities
  • Supply Chains
  • Smart cities and precincts
  • ESG reporting and assurance
  • Digital Art and Music proof of provenance and ownership rights

Data integrity, governance and security

CuMesh enables multi input, in-the-field, any user device or data stream with or without the internet and the application of all types of digital records, and secures these to prove all required data governance and provenance requirements

  • Trusted data governance with role based identity Applies globally advanced soft configured role-title-class-genre identity system design - essential for formalised governance, regulation and digital asset processes
  • Accurate and verifiable information processing/meta tagging (according to national or State standards) where the input data is video, voice, pictures, documents, drones and digital media collection and output devices
  • Easy and fast filing and finding of information
  • Multi-person verified data input determined by formal and soft configured roles, responsibilities and entitlements to input and view
  • Easy click-through and in-the-field data entry – operates on and offline using smart phones, iPads
  • Connects to digital devices to provide the operations platform – an IoT- a media QR, Bar and media input environment

  • Flexible meta-tagging of digital assets
  • Real-time data capture and management
  • Mapping and location  (GIS) identification view functions
  • Can be integrated with existing web sites and back-office systems and support the integration and legacy systems strategic evolution
  • Cyber secure extensive list of access, user and nodal system security features
  • Inbuilt telco/defence standards and many advanced functions for security, systems management, PKI keys, digital assets and provenance.
  • Multi node, multi chain , elastic block - digital asset credential size enables digitally signed atomic (non fragmented) digital asset creation and transfer with verifiable provenance
  • Decentralised, single node or multi node mesh for scaleability, privacy and collaborating governance domains
  • Enables rapid prototyping by providing integrated functions for identity, security, systems management, data cleansing, application support, mobile application design

The Common Data Environment. The CDE

The CDE, a formally governed, logical multi party shared information environment is defined in ISO 19650 (Bulding Information Model - BIM) standards and the Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS) for the Construction industry and major infrastructure projects. Its goal is to improve productivity, decision support, safety, operations and reduce costs.

While the BIM and VDAS standards and frameworks do target the construction sector world wide, our CDE POC development experience believes it can address the common data governance issues found in many other multi party information and digital asset type applications.

ESG reporting, music and art sectors digital rights management, livestock production and agritech proof of biosecurity, quality and decarbonisation, the health sector, legal tech, and integrated government and its regulations stand to benefit.

The CuMesh CDE design and its tool sets can be rapidly applied to architecting CDEs for these sectors. (see CDE application paper)

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