CuMesh Breakthrough

Breakthrough technology:
CuMesh is a globally advanced meshed, multi node, multi chain, elastic block size digital asset trusted credential system

Moving from back office transaction systems to
the agile world of the web and user centricity

CuMesh meets international cyber security and privacy standards

CuMesh is a new breed of web engine and has been created to address (back office) legacy transaction system consolidation and evolution and the evolving web and user centric modern day interaction demands of mobile devices and multimedia content

It incorporates the operational and cyber secure system designs and standards from the Defence and Telco worlds in order to address scaleable, distributed, multi governed systems and cyber security. CuMesh is a globally advanced decentralized internet cell that can run application processes, managed content and digital assets and integrate with other applications. It can also work offline or online by itself or as an interconnected node


  • By using the established telco/postal/internet global scale identity systems (native IoT naming and addressing)
  • By expanding the functionality of a node,
  • By interconnecting more nodes (with different identity and governance arrangements)
  • By increasing the hardware capacity (or cloud services) on which a node or connected nodes operate


CuMesh has engaged with Telco and Defence identity, systems management PKI and ZTA standards and architecture and also pioneered the use of multi node and dynamically created multi credential chains, digital asset creation, transfer and provenance which uses its Smart Mesh PKI design. The platform has:

  • Policy Based Access Controls
  • Attack detection
  • Operational Systems Support (OSS) management (as per telco systems)

These functions are tightly integrated thus reducing the attack surfaces of the platform compared to legacy web, identity and application server designed systems

User Case and Workflow flexibility

CuMesh has a software configured web forms creation function where existing or new text forms can be highly improved with menu drop downs, images, calendars, videos, voice, map, bar code and QR code data inputs and imaged based contact information.
The use case, workflows (the click through user experience), the forms and data inputs are applied coherently to define the operational services and the mobile app experience and usability

Cumesh Unique Features

Meshed Web Engine that can operate on or off net as an internet cell

private operations off net and the ability to design user centric use cases, work flows and applications that can be internet technologies supported and also private.

Soft Configured Role-Class-Genre Mesh Wide Identity Management System

a user’s legal identity to address the issues of formal and social roles where a user can be responsible for many role-title systems governance procedures.

Inbuilt Soft configured Web Forms builder, content management and Mobile App Screen generator

critical for a systems transformation agenda, the rapid cleansing and upgrade of data, data standards and traditional process forms and enhancing productivity in the mobile phone, image and video online world.

Multi Node, Multi Chain, Elastic Block Size, PKI Enabled Digital Credential and Digital Asset System

critical for systems scale, governance partitions (decentralised), digital asset credential chains to be created and named, digital assets to hold documents, videos, images and for them to be digitally signed for legally verifiable provenance and or transfer.

Smart Mesh PKI for user verification, provenance and digital asset creation and management

to support the scaling, governance domains, digital asset creation, integrity and validation and the regulatory and legal trust functions of the CuMesh

Integrated Telco style Systems Management Operational Support System (OSS)

multi node functionality to manage security, configuration, logs, alarms, users, devices and PKI to telco standards.

Supports inbuilt applications, Regulation processes (and forms) and Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) processes and rapid web services oriented POC developments

for transformation (AS-IS to TO-BE ) or new but complex applications POC demonstrators in weeks, thus addressing the major CAPEX, OPEX and risk issues of such strategies.

Begin the transformation journey..