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Wwite Pty Ltd

wwite is a software technology company that also provides consulting services on IT systems strategy. architecture and design, security, identity and PKI and customer centric platform engineering.

wwite has provided its services and technologies to Telco, Defence, the Banking sector and Government major projects, nationally and internationally for over 30 years.

wwite has developed a new generation meshed web services platform to address systems transformation, user centric services , cyber security and our new age regulatory demands.

The platform, CuMesh.

CuMesh is a genralised user centric superstructure - DLT platform that provides a rapid POC tool set, digital asset credentials, PKI, operational support services, It contains a unique web services engine, acts as an application centric internet cell, has a unique user identity system and a unique multi node, multi digital credential chain and smart PKI system.

The platform supports infrastructure applications such as sports, music, livestock bio traceability, digital asset management and multi ownership-governed information systems– e.g. ISO 19650 BIM (construction industry).

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